France : Burials From Germanwings Flight Are Delayed

PARIS — More than two months after a Germanwings co-pilot deliberately crashed his airliner into the French Alps, the families of the 150 people who perished in the disaster had, at long last, been preparing to put their loved ones to rest. They had already endured weeks of anguish as French gendarmes recovered human remains from among the blackened wreckage scattered across a mountainside and still more as forensic experts then painstakingly isolated the DNA of all who had been aboard the doomed March 24 flight en route from Barcelona, Spain, to Düsseldorf, Germany. Funeral announcements had been sent. Travel arrangements had been made for the body repatriation. In Germany, home to 72 of the dead, preparations were in the final stages for a ceremony at Düsseldorf Airport as early as Tuesday to receive the coffins as they arrived on a dedicated cargo flight from Marseille, France. Police escorts had been ordered to accompany the hearses home. Read more …

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